When you think like a coder…

September 22, 2014

Coders don’t think about how something already works. They think about how they would make something work. They think about the building blocks and code snippets they could utilize or alter. The logic they would employ to run the mechanism. They think about the likely areas they would need to compromise and the strengths & weaknesses of each available option. They strip the idea bare and look at exactly all the bits that will make it happen.

Then they research and make sure they were right. They even volunteer to ‘fix’ other work if they find a better solution.

Advertisers and Marketers need to think like coders, but in order to do that, we need to first understand the functions and purposes of the code (read: buzzwords) and languages (read: jargon) that we use everyday. Only once we have broken these down into their tiniest most simple form can we begin seeing how our most successful peers have built their solutions and learn to develop our own.

As a strategist (comms planner, brand planner, creative whatever you do) you have a responsibility to be able to think in this manner, both conceptually and technically. This is why I always tell my friends and colleagues to learn code. Any code. There are plenty of free and easy ways of learning to code, even just a little. A small amount of HTML, CSS, Javascript or even just basic Boolean logic will be an eternally returning gift worthy of the time you give it.


P.S Shout out to my developer friend Aaron who did a sense check on this post and linked me to this great story about a designer who learnt code.

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