Call it an organised crowd

May 4, 2016

Struggling to explain what role a hashtag plays in social chatter?

Explain it to your client this way. Imagine a huge room with a few million people in it. They are all trying to have conversations, but there is no organisation to where people are, so they are just kind of talking and sometimes people hear each other, but generally its all a bit chaotic.

Hashtags are a way of shouting out to the crowd that you are talking about something specific, so you can wade through the crowd and gather together to have that one conversation. So if I want to have a conversation about Polish Post-Punk from 81 to 83, I can find the other 4 people who also want to talk about that from the crowd of millions, simply by using a hashtag.

What if the conversation is about a brand though?

Well if the conversation is about your brand, of course it makes sense to use the hashtag with your brand name in it. But brands almost never want to talk about themselves, they want to talk about the problem they solve, the area in life they add value.

Much of the time brands actually want to start a new conversation. So how does #yourbrand help me find my people?

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